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Coaching Children and Youth


Childhood and adolescence are extremely important stages of life for a human being’s mental health and well-being. It is during these stages that the young person develops skills in social interaction, learning, and self-control. Children are learnings and developing new skills such as building relationships, managing difficult emotions and development of their self-image. Despite parents' and educator's effort, children's need for a hearing ear, for support, understanding, companionship, and guidance can be left unmet. A little extra help from a coach can go a long way to encourage, inspire, stimulate, guide and assist children in their development.


In these high-speed and competitive times of busy families and demanding schools, society and media, our children and youth deal with challenges on a daily basis. They face experiences at home and outside that have a lasting effect on their development of core cognitive and emotional skills. 


Prevention is better than cure! Supportive parenting, a safe and happy home and a positive learning environment in school, and life-coaching are the foundations for building and protecting mental well-being, in children and youth.  A qualified and enthusiastic children's life-coach can make a great contribution towards children’s mental capital providing additional support, and helping to build self-confidence, have a positive attitude towards learning, family, friendship, and life in general and develop useful life-management skills.



Of course, if a child is dealing with mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, and other such issues, it is necessary to seek the help of a mental health care provider, a counselor, a psychologist or a psychiatrist. A children's life coach does not replace the mental health provider but could often be helpful in preventing a healthy child getting to that stage.


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