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Beautiful Women

Coaching for Women Entrepreneurs

Women and girls have a special place in society.  In many parts of the world, women are still the primary caregivers whether it is for children or aging parents. At the same time,  women have become increasingly involved in sciences and industries and started up their own businesses. according to Forbes, in the United States, between 2017 and 2018 women started an average of 1820 new businesses per day! 


Becoming an entrepreneur has many advantages, but even more so if you are a woman. Amongst the advantages, you may count the flexibility that it gives you so you can distribute your time based on your own schedule and dedicate the necessary time to family and other activities. 

In addition, women-entrepreneurs are their own bosses and will and can ask for the fees that they are worth and achieve success based on their effort and not be exposed to gender discrimination which unfortunately is still a part of our reality. Women entrepreneurs have more control over their own future,  can focus on their passions, develop their own ideas and advance more quickly. Of course, there are many more advantages in women becoming entrepreneurs, but these are just some direct personal benefits.

So if you are a woman who is thinking of starting your own business, or have already taken that step and need help to make it sustainable, we are happy to help you.

Working with a business coach & mentor can help you break through new phases of growth and meet your challenges. Whether you need help with setting your financial goals, creating a marketing plan or simply learn new skills to help you in your pursuit, we've got you covered. Through individual coaching, you'll build a solid plan that can help you achieve your goals and profit your business. 


If you have not yet started a business but have a passion or great idea, you can work with your coach to assess the feasibility of turning that passion into your new business. Your coach will assist you in analyzing the market, creating your financial and business plan, action plans for developing your business, and marketing strategies, and accompany you until your business is established.

                          Check out our career services or startup mentoring services, or contact us for custom-made services.


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