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Startup Mentoring

Starting  Your New  Business


Too many people are gifted with special skills, passions, and talents that can be turned into a business idea but because they don’t know where to start, they don’t pursue the idea any further. There is a general fear of the unknown, the challenges, not knowing what it takes to run a business, the legal and financial consequences, the complicated procedures and the change in lifestyle. 



If you have a concept, a talent, a passion or a vision that you know can be turned into a potentially attractive business for which there is a market, then you need to consult with your career/business coach.


Your coach is experienced and qualified in business and will ask you the right questions to find out if this business is right for you, or if you are starting it for the right reasons, and whether this business idea is viable and if you have the right skills, mindset, and resources to start your business and to run it successfully.


your career/business coach will help you in determining whether there is a need for your business idea in the marketplace so that your idea can bring in revenue. Further, she will help you examine whether your potential business is going to capitalize on your personal skills, talents, and passions or does it require a lot of startup resources from elsewhere?


While you may be dealing with the fear of many unknown factors in opening your business, your Career/Business coach is experienced in the systems, processes, and procedures that you will need to set in place in order to establish a well-run company.  And if fear is not an issue, it is still best to consult with someone who is trained and experienced and will help you re-examine such questions before making that decision.


Your coach will also integrate information about you and your life values and goals into this decision to ensure that you have the right mindset and skills to start your own business. Loving to bake and opening your own bakery shop are two majorly different things and your career/business coach will help you make the distinction.  Starting your own business is a huge, life-changing decision, so it is important that you examine your reasons and your options thoroughly.

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