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Your Health and Wellness Coach

Most of us know that we should be doing things that promote our health and prevent diseases. We read and hear about various diets, special foods and ingredients that are good for one thing or the other and the right kind of exercise to keep our body leaner, stronger and healthier.  

We hear about ways to promote our mental health, prevent depression and anxiety, promote memory, and deal with stress and so on. But most people are actually not doing these things; some don’t have the know-how, or perhaps confused by so many conflicting information out there, the various exercises and diets coming to the market every day and the studies that are announced frequently. 


Your health coach can support you by filtering through the “health” facts and providing you with a package that is right for you. By getting to know you and your lifestyle, your coach can create a step-by-step tool that will help you create long-term and sustainable changes maintain your health and overall well-being.


Your health coach is not going to replace a doctor. We all need to see a doctor when we have a health issue that needs to be addressed or cured. What your health coach does is to help you prevent health issues that can be prevented by a change of lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, rest and so on. He will spend time to help you find out what your personal health and wellness issues or goals are and see the holistic impact and interaction of your lifestyle and your overall health and develop strategies to overcome health issues or reach your health goals, whether it is to reduce weight, or improve the quality of your sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, or reducing the risk of  chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.


We recommend our clients to have two sessions per month for about an hour each. Whether this is a personal visit or an online or phone delivery, your health coach will work closely with you to develop clear strategies and tools for you to get closer to your goal.


Your health and wellness coach can help you Improve physical and mental health and develop a healthy lifestyle by addressing some of the following topics:


  • Develop a stronger sense of self- confidence and self-reliability

  • Establish actions towards achieving those goals,

  • Develop a greater sense of accountability and reliability for one’s decisions and actions

  • Work-Life Balance


  • Make Time for Healthy Habits

  • Exercise Your Body and Mind

  • You are what you eat - Effect on nutrition on a healthy body and mind

  • Dieting for weight loss

  • Dieting to decrease the  risk of health issues such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure

  • Mind and body: Is my medical condition making me angry or is my anger making me sick?


  • Emotional Eating

  • Sleep Disorders

  • Causes of Stress, Controlling and Managing stress

  • How Worrying Affects the Body


  • Energy and Mood

  • Boost Your Entergy

  • Improve Your Memory

  • Relax Your Body and Mind


  • Relaxation Techniques

  • Introduction to Yoga / Health Benefits of Yoga

  • Introduction to Meditation

  • Meditation, Stress, and Your Health

  • Introduction to Meditation & Mindfulness


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