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Parents, and Families


We highly recommend families and parents to seek coaching in order to improve the family dynamics, communication with their children and especially their youth, to share responsibilities, to face difficult situations, to make decisions, to transition through change,  and most importantly to enjoy their time together.


If you are juggling between work and parenthood, need some tips on how to better communicate with your teenager, want to know how to teach good habits and skills to your child, or just trying to do your best as a parent and need a little help, we are here for you. Life-Coaching for parents is one of the most important and rewarding services that we offer. It goes a long way to prevent unnecessary pain and complications resulting from a lack of knowledge, communication or support.


We offer coaching to parents in various formats. Sessions can be organized for one parent, both parents, or one or both parents with a child. 




Taking care of elderly parents or family members


Caring for elderly parents and family members can be challenging but it is a challenge

and a privilege at the same time. Develop the right skills to make this task a pleasure and

enjoy the time with your elderly loved ones. Let us know if you need some consultation and 

a little help with this important challenge.


old couple
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