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Begin with these simple and effective marketing principles

You have set up your new business and are ready for customers to purchase your product or services. How do you get those customers to buy from you rather than from your competition?

These few simple principles can help you focus your marketing efforts in the right direction. You will have to invest a significant part of your resources into marketing, but the basic principles are simple and, if implemented well, will help you find devoted customers for your business.

First and foremost, it is important to clarify what you are offering. What is it that you can give to your client that can improve their lives, or meet their needs, or satisfy their quest, or remove a difficulty? How does your product or service help your client solve a problem or fulfill a wish?

Next, it is crucial to be able to clearly define your customer base. Whose problem is your product going to greatly solve? Whose wish are your services going to fulfill? What section of the population is going to be benefiting from your business activity? You must be very familiar with your customers’ demographics (their age, gender, economic background, ethnicity, etc.) and psychographics (their habits, wishes, needs, aspirations, fears, etc.).

Now, you must clarify how your products and services are superior or better than those of others. Why should the customer purchase those products from you and not your competition? What is your unique characteristic that would benefit your clients more than your competition?

And finally, now that you have decided what your product is, who your ideal customer is, and what your unique selling position or competitive advantage is, you must make sure that your business is excellent at what it does. Becoming excellent in what you do is connected with a lot of hard work, learning, reading, communication, exchange and experience, and continuous improvement and development. But it is one of the major keys to our business’s success.

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