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Team work
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Zarin Buckingham, M.Ed., M.B.A.

Zarin Buckingham is a senior consultant and international trainer. As a Training Executive, Zarin has designed and delivered training in, Educational leadership and school operation, HR, change management, and Business. She has worked in Switzerland, Germany,  Austria, Slovakia, UK, and the  United States.  Zarin has experience in curriculum design and development that meet client’s specific needs.  She also engages in the support and mentoring of SMEs and startups during their building and development process.

As an entrepreneur, Zarin has served in leadership positions on for-profit and non-profit boards including Allied Communications, Forel International School,  Buckingham Entertainment Group, AIESEK (Association Internationale des Étudiants En Sciences Économiques et Commerciales), EBBF (European Baha’i Business Forum), Artistsplaza, and The Institute for Sustainable Education (IFSE).


Zarin holds a  master’s degree in Educational Leadership (M.Ed.)  and a master's degree in Business Administration (M.B.A). She speaks English, Slovak, German and Farsi and offers her services internationally. Zarin is especially passionate about supporting other women and offers free coaching and mentoring to women entrepreneurs that have insufficient access to resources.

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Thomas Buckingham, M.D., Ph.D.

Thomas  Buckingham is a cardiologist who has held clinical appointments at Rush Medical Center in Chicago, the University of Zurich, and the National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases in Bratislava. He has written over 100 medical papers, including journal articles, review papers, and case reports. Dr. Buckingham also gives health-related and preventive lectures and consulting.


Dr. Thomas Buckingham graduated from Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and completed his residencies at Evanston Hospital, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, and University of Texas Medical Branch. He is board-certified with the American Board of Internal Medicine in Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease, and Clin Cardiac Electrophysiology.  In addition, Dr. Buckingham is also board-certified with the Slovak Medical Chamber (Slovenská lekárska komora) and the Portuguese Ordem dos  Médicos.  


Dr. Buckingham is passionate about Economic Empowerment, Human Rights, and Poverty Alleviation. He is married and has two daughters.


Yassi Darvishpour

Yassi brings over three decades of creative Interior Design, Interior Decoration and Interior Organization expertise to our firm and clients. The dominant factor in Yassi’s approach has always been to achieve the highest level of quality within possible budget and project, whether private or commercial while expressing a sense of style that is both unique and suited to the project and its environment. 


Whether you are struggling with a home or office that needs to be better organized, decluttered or decorated or setting up a new commercial entity such as a hotel, Yassi can bring in her expertise and personal touch to help you transform your home or commercial building into something beautiful, functional, and fitting to your lifestyle or objectives.


Yassi is a painter, a sculptor, and loves world music, culture, and travel. 

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Carmel Paradise

Double majoring in sociology and psychology, a musician, a writer, and our intern, Carmel is the youngest member of our team.  Born in Anchorage Alaska, Carmel was raised in Slovakia, attended high school in Nashville Tennessee and visited the University of Santa Clara in California. Carmel is an enthusiastic millennial with many interests and passions.  With a  Gold medal in National Spanish Exam, A silver Medal in Scholastic Art & Writing Award,  Cum Laude in Arts,  and Cum Laude in English,  and songwriter of the year Award, Carmel is an invaluable asset to our team. She has strong organizational skills, is a powerful speaker, and an advocate for human rights. She loves animals and has a cat called Waverly.


Carmel speaks English, Slovak, and Spanish.

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Our Global Coaches

In order to serve our clients around the world and provide specialized coaching services, we associate with a number of other specialized coaches from around the globe and assign them to our clients based on their needs, interest, location, and timezone. Please contact us so that we can introduce our coach that lives/works in your area.

 Some organization we have provided services to:

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